The Teachings

Through the grace of Mother Divine, Sri Kaleshwar and the Divine Lineage, after 2000 years, the true knowledge & sadhana of becoming a divine soul has been released to the world.

The Knowledge came from the Mother

The Divine Mother prophesied a particular body of knowledge that would play a vital role in enlightening humanity during the dark age of Kali Yuga. The ancient rishis were instructed to protect and preserve this wisdom, passing it down orally and later transcribing it onto palm leaf manuscripts. Over time, these manuscripts were carefully hidden and copied onto fresh leaves to ensure their survival.

As humanity continued to drift away from divine qualities, only a select few retained this knowledge. However, through the grace of the Divine Mother, Sri Kaleshwar revealed this ancient wisdom to the world in 1997 for the first time. He introduced practices inscribed on the palm leaves that Jesus and the rishis themselves had utilized to awaken yogic powers and divine consciousness. These practices included The Five Elements System, Saptarishi Channels, The Holy Womb Chakra, and Patanjali Shakti, bringing forth a transformative opportunity for seekers of enlightenment.
This sacred knowledge is creates highest soul transformations for an individual with the aim to merge with Mother Divine. By doing so, one attains supreme consciousness which can manifest in offering healing and guidance to others in need.

Through the meditations and practices inherent in this knowledge, students delve into a deeper understanding and experience of God's miraculous energy, known as siddhic energy. The miracles performed by revered figures such as Jesus, Shirdi Baba, Sri Kaleshwar, and other saints are manifestations of this potent siddhic energy flowing through them, particularly evident in the natural healing energy that practitioners of this knowledge possess.
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Yantra and sacred formulas in palm leaf book
"Whoever really wants to become a master, a powerful healer to pull the people’s pain, their negative energy, to take care of their souls, to really help them − you need to study a Ph.D. 
To be honest, this is a Ph.D. program. This is a doctorate in spirituality. More than this, I can’t see anywhere in the universe." 
~ Sri Kaleshwar
Sri Kaleshwar reading a palm leaf book.

The potency of this knowledge is remarkable, and its practice and study can yield life-changing results within a matter of months. For example, the process of connecting with the five elements, the fundamental building blocks of creation, can be completed in just six months. Afterward, practitioners gain the ability to transmit powerful healing energies through simple touch or gaze, known as shaktipat.

This transformative journey, known as the Five Elements Process, marks the first stage of enlightenment, establishing a direct connection between the individual soul and the Divine Mother's cosmic kundalini, the boundless source of energy. These practices not only establish an immediate connection between the student and the Divine Mother but also mirror the intimate relationship the early rishis had with her, allowing modern practitioners to receive direct guidance and instruction.

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