My dear divine soul, welcome home!

We Help You Develop Your Unique Spiritual Gifts
& Realize Your Soul’s Enlightenment In Service To Humanity.

Your Success is our Dharma

We support you with the authentic spiritual knowledge, practices and guidance you need to rapidly advance your spiritual journey, have powerful spiritual experiences and become an enlightened soul & master healer. 
We are part of the Divine Lineage with the extraordinary mission to create spiritual healers and masters, not just students. 
"It’s not my knowledge. It’s the knowledge of the supernatural saints. These are the kind of formulas we have, knowledge from 3,000 years back. This is the first time it’s being brought out. It’s completely the first time. Now it can be used. My mission, my ambition, is to grow the knowledge fast. I am giving formulas of the supernatural energies. They are the shortcuts to get divine grace in a short time. I want to spread this knowledge. Then, everybody can smell the fragrance of God." ~ Sri Kaleshwar
Allow us to assure you, you are nearer than you realize.

The Divine you have envisioned and yearned for is a reality far surpassing any conception your mind may conjure.

The path to these personal, undeniable experiences of the Divine, previously unattainable, is now before you.

Hundreds of students have reached spiritual zeniths, obtained profound healing capabilities, and manifested miraculous energy.

With our guidance and these sacred teachings at your disposal, along with your dedication and open heart, you too can access these experiences. 

The Seven Sacred Pillars 
of SAI 


We are custodians of the ancient knowledge, safeguarding the sanctity of truth and the legacy of the Divine Lineage. We stand firm in our commitment to truth and authenticity.


We respect each student's unique path towards healing. We strive to provide a nurturing environment that supports growth, transformation, and self-discovery. 


We believe in the power of unity, fostered through kindness and forgiveness. We celebrate individual achievements as collective victories, ensuring no one is left behind.


We are more than just a group; we are a soul family scattered across continents yet united in purpose. Many of us have journeyed together through many lifetimes, strengthening our bond with each step.


We encourage the cultivation of a personal, conscious relationship with the Divine and the masters of our lineage. Fostering this intimate connection is a crucial step towards divine self-realization. 


We advocate for selfless service and compassion. We believe that true spirituality is intertwined with our humanity. "Help always, hurt never."


We are here on this planet during this crucial time to embody and demonstrate the truth of the Divine Reality. Together, we sow the seeds for the enlightenment of humanity.

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