The Divine Lineage

The supreme spiritual masters of the Divine Lineage have played a crucial role in shaping the spiritual evolution of human consciousness throughout history. The sacred mission of these masters, which include Shirdi Baba, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi and Sri Kaleshwar, the avatar-incarnations of four of the original Saptarishis, is to guide humanity's destiny towards Immortal Enlightenment. Continuing to shape the spiritual evolution of human consciousness, their divine work is the driving force behind the global spiritual awakening happening now.

avatar of this yuga

Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba, as a divine soul, is the avatar for this Yuga (Spiritual Age). The foremost incarnation of Dattatreya — the living embodiment of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva — with supreme mastery over Nature’s five cosmic elements, Baba's core teachings are devoted to the oneness of God, with Love being the only true religion. Despite possessing miraculous spiritual powers and abilities Baba lived a simple life as a beggar in the small village of Shirdi. While healing and purifying the karmas of millions, his soul merged with Mother Divine.Throughout his life Baba remained consciously connected to the entire Guruparampara (lineage of masters), as he does to this day.

Though Baba is a powerful incarnation of Shiva, in order for Baba to fully realize his divine status and truth while in the physical body, he required the guidance, spiritual processes, and energy awakenings bestowed upon him by his master, Venkusa, who played the most crucial role in opening Baba's channels and helping him recognize his own greatness. Baba became Venkusa’s ward as a young boy. After twelve years of training, Baba was sent away from his master’s ashram. It was time he begin a new chapter in his spiritual dharma. 

Following Venkusa's order, Baba journeyed to Shirdi where, for many years, he encountered immense hardships. Ostracized as a stranger and falsely rumored to be a black magician, for eighteen years, Baba lived alone under a tree, outside of the village, offering Ayurvedic herbs and vibhuti (sacred ash) to heal passersby. Yet, over time, his holy reputation grew. Eventually, the villagers accepted him as one of their own. It was in Shirdi that thousands witnessed Baba’s miracles. It was also there that he harnessed his meditation power to create four eternal flames, which have burned constantly for more than a century now, each emitting a radiant healing shakti (divine energy) to millions and millions of souls.

Although Baba took Mahasamadhi (left his mortal body) on 15 October 1918, his soul, consciousness and divine energy continue to exist. The Dwarkamai, Baba's sacred dwelling place in Shirdi, has transformed into one of the most revered holy sites in India, today. Every year, millions of devotees from around the world visit his shrine, seeking his blessings and grace.

Sri Kaleshwar

A supreme spiritual master and one among the original Saptarishis, Sri Kaleshwar stands as an extraordinary divine soul with an extraordinary mission. Two millennia ago, Jesus entrusted Sri Kaleshwar with a sacred commitment and duty: to disseminate to the world Jesus’s true teachings and practices during this crucial time in history; and to foster a "Jesus Generation", consisting of thousands of spiritual masters and supernatural healers. 

Sri Kaleshwar's divine endeavor commenced in 1987 when he experienced a miraculous visitation of Shirdi Baba at merely 14 years of age. This encounter reawakened his spiritual wisdom and power channels and laid the groundwork for his life's purpose, initiating the most significant spiritual mission for mankind's future.

Guided by Shirdi Baba, Kaleshwar unearthed ancient palm leaf manuscripts throughout India. He dedicated his life to studying and verifying these sacred texts, which contained powerful spiritual formulas. These sacred manuscripts became the foundation of the teachings he shared with a select group of Western students, providing them with spiritual knowledge as researched and practiced by its original authors, including journals written by Jesus.

As prophesized in the Kalajnana penned by the saint Virabrahmendra in the 1600s, which detailed global future events, Sri Kaleshwar established his ashram in the mid nineties in Penukonda, a powerful ancient power spot and birthplace of Mother Divine in the form of Mahakali. Here, he constructed a temple dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba and Jesus. Within these sacred precincts, he tirelessly worked with his Western students, imparting a wealth of previously unrevealed knowledge, and training them to evolve into powerful siddhas. Though Kaleshwar entered into Mahasamadhi in 2012, his spiritual presence continues to guide and inspire his students.
the big boss


The real life and story of Jesus, which remained obscured over the past 2000 years, has now come to light with proof and evidence. According to this revelation, the Divine Mother created a special soul as a boon for Mother Mary, making it Jesus' first and, so far, only incarnation.

At the age of 20, pulled by the energy to travel to India and study with the Maharshis, Jesus quickly became immersed in advanced spiritual practices. For the next six years, he traveled all across the Indian subcontinent, starting in Tibet, pursuing the depths of spiritual wisdom and experiences. As was the tradition, Jesus wrote down what he learned and practiced in a journal. That palm leaf manuscript is one of the primary textbooks in Swami Kaleshwar’s spiritual teachings. "Jesus gained the supernatural powers in India. Whatever channels, the exact mantras he did in those practices, are 95% of what my students are doing," says Sri Kaleshwar.

Along with seven of his students, Jesus was crucified on the cross but by using an advanced yogic technique called Khandana Yoga Mother Mary brought Jesus back to life. His students were also reanimated. Thereafter, Jesus returned with his mother and a group of students to India where he remained until he took Mahasamadhi (left his mortal body) in his eighties.

Jesus personally entrusted Sri Kaleswar with the task of completing the work that he was unable to finish during his lifetime. According to Sri Kaleshwar, anyone who wholeheartedly embraces the principles he teaches can become like Jesus—a remarkable and magnetic soul.

Jesus personally entrusted Sri Kaleswar with the task of completing the work, which Jesus by necessity had left unfinished during his lifetime. Jesus predicted it would take 2000 years for the sacred seeds, which he planted, to be ready to blossom and bear divine fruit. This, says Sri Kaleshwar, is his and Jesus’ promise: anyone who wholeheartedly embraces the principles he teaches can become like Jesus—a remarkable and magnetic divine soul. Jesus' true mission and desire, as conveyed by Sri Kaleshwar, was to prepare powerful healers and miraculous souls on Earth. To this end, what’s needed is for all those, who wish to know their own greatness, to follow the same supernatural formulas and principles that Jesus himself utilized. Now, two thousand years later, Sri Kaleshwar is fulfilling his commitment to Jesus' vision.

Mother Mary

While Jesus's remarkable life and greatness— even though fundamental truths have been omitted and misconstrued— are widely recognized and revered, the true narrative begins with understanding the true identity of Mother Mary. After intense spiritual practice from many previous lifetimes, Mother Mary emerged as the most powerful spiritual master and healer two thousand years ago. Her life provides a crucial context to the true life and teachings of Jesus and comprehensive understanding of this significant chapter in spiritual history.

Her supreme yogic abilities were manifested in her miraculous conception of Jesus, a boon she received from Mother Divine. Jesus was a new soul, a soul of crystal diamond purity. All of Jesus' soul was completely his mother’s soul energy. Not only did she conceive him, she also spiritually enlightened him within her womb, transferring her Shakti (soul power) to him. Demonstrating the profound capabilities of the holy womb chakra, an important enlightenment practice in this lineage, she perfected the divine transformative potential it holds. Without her significant influence and blessings, we would not be able to receive these teachings today. 

Mary was Jesus' first teacher. She was deeply connected to the spiritual teachings and practices of India, which she demonstrated also when she employed another sadhana known as Khandanayoga to heal and bring Jesus back to life after his crucifixion. 

Mother Mary’s life demonstrated the innate, supremely divine power all women have through their womb chakra. She will serve as a spiritual leader and shining light for future generations of women.
The Master of TIME

Gautama Buddha

Buddha gave humanity three eternal gifts: His peace, his compassion and his discovery of the Kala Chakra.

Literally, the Kala Chakra means ‘wheel of time.’ Yet, in spiritual terms, it refers to the energy center in the body, which cosmically connects us to time. The term also refers to the ancient body of spiritual knowledge, which allows a soul to consciously move backwards or forwards through time with your soul. Having been first discovered on this planet by Buddha, this sacred system has many extraordinary yet practical applications. Knowledge of the Kala Chakra, and the sadhana connected to it, was used as a mechanism to heal Jesus Christ after the crucifixion. This system is today part of the body of knowledge as revealed by Sri Kaleshwar.

Historical documents reveal that Buddha, Shirdi Baba, and Jesus all meditated and spiritually connected with Mother Divine in Penukonda. Notably, this location was also where 18 eminent saints congregated in ancient times to manifest Mahakali, the most powerful form of Mother Divine, into physical existence for the first time ever. This direct connection with Mahakali, who is intrinsically linked to Kala/Time, a form of Shiva, served as a significant milestone in the spiritual journeys of all supreme masters within the Divine Lineage, including Buddha.

About the Buddha, Sri Kaleshwar always said, “He is the hardest working soul on the planet.” While it’s said that the bodhisattva’s vow is to return in a physical body again and again until the very last soul on earth reaches enlightenment, the Buddha is always on duty. As a supreme spiritual master and perpetually conscious divine soul, that sacred promise lies at the heart of the Buddha’s vow to the mission of our Divine Lineage. 

Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ramana Maharshi, a jivanmukta (liberated soul) and avatar-incarnation of one of the original Saptarishis, is revered for his dramatic self-inquiry and self-realization, and his teachings on the intrinsic value of directly tapping into the source of self, Consciousness, itself.

It was through Ramana Maharshi’s research into the experience of death, at the age of 17, that his soul masterfully transcended Maya (the cosmic illusion), returning to waking-state consciousness with full knowledge of his true self reawakened.

Following this life-altering incident, Ramana Maharshi was led to embark on a journey to sacred Arunachala, the holy mountain in Tiruvannamalai—recognized as one of India's most potent sacred power spots for connecting with Shiva—where he would reside for the remainder of his life. Clad merely in a loincloth and devoid of any worldly belongings, for years Ramana perpetually immersed himself in Shiva's energy, until he emerged as a living embodiment of shanti (divine peace). 

Over the years, a thriving ashram grew up around Ramana Maharshi. Still, he spent the vast majority of his time in silence, charging his soul and assisting, on a soul level, anyone who sought his help and blessings.  

During his lifetime, Sri Kaleshwar fondly referred to Ramana Maharshi as his “brother". Ramana played a significant role in Swami Kaleshwar's life, and continues to provide immense support in the execution of his divine mission.

Once, during a lecture held in San Jose, CA, Sri Kaleshwar channeled a taste of Ramana Maharshi’s divine power to the hundreds of attendees present. Suddenly, invisible waves of energy engulfed the audience. Afterwards, everyone agreed they’d felt saturated in it. When they described the experience as “waves of bliss”, Sri Kaleshwar gently shook his head and said, “Shanti. That, guys, was Ramana Maharshi’s shanti.”


Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

The immense greatness of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa lay in his unwavering devotion of Mahakali, the most powerful form of Mother Divine. For numerous years, he immersed himself in intense spiritual practices, driven by a singular burning desire - to behold and communicate directly with the Divine Mother, to experience a profound union with her energy. The Divine Mother tested Ramakrishna's faith and patience for twelve long years, never revealing herself, even as she miraculously saved his life by pulling him out of a river, preventing him from drowning. Despite these trials, Ramakrishna's devotion remained steadfast, fueling his relentless pursuit to experience the Ultimate Reality.

Through the guidance of a Bhairavi Mata, a female spiritual master, Ramakrishna gained new profound insights and advanced spiritual practices, ultimately establishing a direct and intimate connection with Mother Divine. As a result, Mahakali appeared to Ramakrishna every night and communicated directly with him. Ramakrishna emphasized that this deep and personal relationship with the Divine was accessible to anyone who sought it.

A notable fact is the profound relationship between Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and his student, Vivekananda. Vivekananda was ignited by a passion for spiritual truth and the welfare of humanity. Under Ramakrishna's guidance, Vivekananda not only experienced spiritual awakening but became a prominent and celebrated figure and was the first guru to bring the Indian spiritual tradition to the West, leaving an indelible mark on the world. 

Often praising Ramakrishna's for his great dedication, Sri Kaleshwar recognizes Ramakrishna as a significant source of support in ensuring the fulfillment of their shared spiritual mission.
The immortal master

Mahavatar Babaji

Babaji, often referred to as the deathless master, maintains a youthful appearance, with his age or origins remaining unknown. He only manifests before those he chooses, and only a handful have been fortunate enough to experience his presence. Babaji is perpetually dedicated to catalyzing humanity's divine awakening and is constantly in close communion with Jesus. Together, they are
emitting continuous vibrations to elevate global consciousness. Babaji plays a critical role in executing the divine mission.

The significance of a lineage of masters, encapsulating the interconnectedness over numerous reincarnations and the necessity of reawakening the spiritual channels with every new bodily incarnation by a guru, is vividly demonstrated through Babaji's first documented appearance. In 1861, Babaji appeared to an accountant named Lahiri Mahasaya, revealing himself as his guru. He initiated him into Kriya Yoga and directed him to initiate others. Notably, Lahiri Mahasaya later became the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda’s parents and gave shaktipat (spiritual transmission) to their infant child Yogananda, and told his mother, “Your son will be a yogi. As a spiritual engine, he will carry many souls to God's kingdom.” 

In 1920, Babaji appeared to Yogananda and directed him to go to America with the words,“Follow the behest of your guru and go to America. Fear not; you shall be protected. You are the one I have chosen to spread the message of Kriya Yoga in the West.” Yogananda introduced his teachings with great success in America and created a big following. Yogananda is one of Sri Kaleshwar’s previous incarnations.


The Saptarishis

The Saptarishis are the original seven rishis, enlightened beings born from Brahma consciousness at the onset of the creation cycle. They have held the responsibility of steering humanity's evolution in every age. As 'semi-immortals', their reincarnations pervade each era, providing essential spiritual wisdom and illuminating the spiritual laws befitting each age. 
These esteemed seers are the source of the profound knowledge encapsulated in the Vedas and the ancient palm leaf manuscripts. The knowledge that create the foundation of the teachings imparted by Sri Kaleshwar belongs to the Atharva Veda, which reveals supernatural formulas to demonstrate miracle energy and bless and fulfill desires, as well as advanced yogic techniques such as Parakaya Pravesh, Pranic Tantra, and Kandhana Yoga.
Often referred to as our true founding fathers, the Saptarishis are the inspiration and guiding spirit of humanity. Their infinite compassion, love and dedication pervades the sacred teachings gifted to mankind, leading to an immortal bond with these divine masters.
Modern incarnations of these Saptarishis include revered figures like Shirdi Baba, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi, Vivekananda, and Sri Kaleshwar. Their perennial divine work continues to guide humankind today.