Full Moon Ritual

  • Event: 2 hours
  • Level: all levels
  • Study time: 1 hour
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Sacred EVENT

Join us for our monthly Full Moon Ritual, a virtual event that allows you to connect from anywhere in the world. This sacred gathering includes meditation and participation in an authentic Vedic fire ceremony performed by pundits at the Shiva Sai Mandir in Penukonda, India. The ritual focuses on healing and wish fulfillment, drawing upon the powerful energies generated by this spiritual process practiced on the full moon. In preparation for the event, you will be guided through lessons teaching you the mantras and guidelines of this powerful ancient practice designed to release negativity, burn karmas and manifest your deepest soul desires.

“Tell all your problem, your unhappiness, your heart pain, and what you deeply want, tell everything to the fire. The fire will remove your problem. A sacred fire ceremony is like the highest radio wave (transmitting) energy. It works automatically to send the person the highest positive energy. it can go anywhere.”


  • Transformation of personal challenges and problems
  • Wish-fulfilment of one’s deepest desires
  • Greater Success in personal and professional endeavours
  • Deep peace of mind & clarity
  • Healing of heart, mind, body and soul
  • Protection from negativity
  • Purification of negative karmas
  • Awaken spiritual channels
  • Build a conscious connection with the Divine

Sacred Power Center

Our sacred fire ceremony is conducted on the holy grounds of Penukonda, India, which is considered the most powerful, sacred power spot in India after Mount Kailash in the Himalayas.  It's known for its strong spiritual energy and has been associated with thousands of saints and divine souls throughout history. 

A Master's Blessings

Engaging in a sacred ritual in Penukonda, India signifies an intimate spiritual connection. Once the spiritual home of the highly revered master Sri Kaleshwar who took Mahasamadhi (left his earthly body) in 2012, his presence still remains, working on a soul-consciousness level with all who connect with this sacred power spot.

Soul Transformation

For many years, Sri Kaleshwar would meditate and sleep on a modest cot by this dhuni (sacred fire pit), deeply engrossed in his divine channels. The sacred fire serves as a catalyst for purification and transformation, aiding in the alleviation of an individuals' karmic debts and the blessing of one's deepest wishes.

Shirdi Baba's 2nd Home

The great avatar, Shirdi Sai Baba, also ‘resides’ in Penukonda. A sacred temple, dedicated to this divine soul, contains within it a life-size murthi (statue) of Baba, which is empowered as a soul magnet that radiates Baba’s spiritual power and blessings. The temple is dubbed “Shirdi South” due to the miraculous strength of Baba’s supernatural presence here. 
 penukonda, india

Connect to an Ancient Sacred Power Spot 

Authentic Ritual performed by Pundits

Receive Divine Blessings

Deep Peace & Transformation

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How does it work?

After you sign up, create your profile and submit your intention for the upcoming event.

Learn an ancient mantra that you will be meditating with on the day of the Full Moon during the sacred ceremony.

Access the online course where we guide you step-by-step through lessons in preparation for the fire ceremony on the full moon, and share valuable information to deepen your understanding of the inner mechanics of this spiritual process.

On the day of the Full Moon live event, we meet on Zoom 30min prior to event to answer any questions and share knowledge, leaving you feeling confident and inspired as we begin the livestream for the sacred fire ceremony and our meditation process.

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Upcoming Full Moon Ritual Events

The Sacred Ceremony takes place every month from 9-11am (India Standard Time),
we meet on Zoom 30min prior to the event.
Proof of the divine energy

What Participants Are Experiencing

We benefited greatly from the ceremony. A month before the ceremony, my husband suffered from a mild stroke. His blood pressure went up so high, and he was having trouble controlling his blood pressure levels. After we participated in the fire ceremony, for the past week, he is full of energy, his blood pressure and heart rates are great and he feels like a totally new person. The first few days, we never felt that much energy before flowing through our bodies. I personally had a pain in my right arm that goes and comes, and around Sunday I noticed that the paid faded as well. We both feel more positive and hopeful."
CAssandra & Manuel, USA
"The energy during the ceremony was incredible. My head was heavy and at some point I just wanted to lay down. I have only participated in one Tibetan Buddhist puja at a big conference hall before but it was nothing compared to this."

Tara, singapore
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Maria, Australia

Course Lessons

Frequently asked questions

How Does The Remote Participation Work?

A great advantage of this ritual is that it’s not necessary to travel to India to enjoy these life-changing benefits. You can participate remotely and receive the divine energy transmission wherever you are.

Once you sign up and register your participation:

1. You will get access to our online course for the Full Moon Ritual, with detailed information and process guidelines, including a powerful Full Moon Mantra you will meditate with while viewing the live event.

2. When you sign up, you will be entered into the ceremony for the upcoming full moon. You need to submit your intention for the ritual up to 48 hours prior to the ceremony.

3. A full moon fire ceremony runs about to 2.5 hours, the start time of the ceremony is shown in Indian standard time in the calendar below. Please make sure to check that day and time and convert it in your time zone.

4. You will have access to our full support and guidance prior and after the ceremony day.

What Happens During The Ceremony?

The ritual lighting of the fire is accompanied by the opening prayers. At that time, each participant is personally introduced by name to the sacred fire by the Vedic priests.

Oblations of ghee (clarified butter), intermittently poured on the flames between offerings of natural grains, seeds, spices, fruits, incense, milk and essential oils nourish and purify the fire.
The heartful wishes and intentions of every participant are also offered into the fire, to receive the blessings from the Divine.
At the climax, coconuts are broken on behalf of the participants to release the sankalpam (wish-fulfilling power) to manifest the desired results in each participant’s life.

The ritual lighting of the fire is accompanied by the opening prayers. At that time, each participant is personally introduced by name to the sacred fire by the Vedic priests.

Can I Add My Friends Or Family To The Full Moon Fire Ceremony?

This option is currently not available, but we are working on offering this option soon. If you wish to add family members to the fire ceremony, they will each need to register their own account with an unique email address.

Why are there different payment amounts?

We offer the Full Moon Ritual on a subscription basis. The options for donation give the participant the opportunity to consciously choose what they wish to give from their heart.

Your donation goes towards ceremony expenses and remaining proceeds are donated to a variety of local, charitable programs managed by the Shirdi Sai Global Trust in Penukonda in support of the poorest of the region. We offer these ceremonies to you as a seva (selfless service) from our hearts. SHIVALOKA does not profit financially from your donations.

How do I choose the donation amount for the ceremony?

In Indian spirituality, it is recognized that you can remedy and balance your negative karmas and become eligible for the fulfillment of desires by offering something in exchange for what you want. This spiritual mechanism of opening a channel for reciprocity and liberating, life-altering karmic exchange is called dhakshina.
The question is often raised, “How much is enough? How can I know that I have given the sufficient amount to change my karma?”
The answer is, this exchange is between you and the Divine, so the required “amount” is different for everyone.

You can perhaps ask yourself: What is receiving what I want worth to me?

It should be an amount that you feel inspired to give and comes from your heart, without traces of fear, worry or attachment.

If I miss or can't attend the live event, do I still benefit from this ritual?

If you have paid for the ceremony, you are automatically entered in the event and are eligible to receive the energy to your soul without your notice.

Yet, the benefits of this powerful ritual are greatly enhanced when you consciously take part in it by attending and viewing the live stream, setting your intention and meditating with the Full Moon Mantra during this sacred event.

If you are unable to tune into the live event or miss to participate in the event, or do not submit your intention in time before the registration deadline (48 hours before the ceremony), we will not be able to refund your donation or apply it to a future event.

Choose your donation 

We offer the monthly Full Moon Ritual on a subscription basis to provide ease of establishing it as a monthly practice, as the energy builds cumulatively over time.  You may cancel your subscription at any time.






These donation options offer the opportunity to choose your heartful contribution as an energetic exchange. The proceeds of your donation support the charitable activities offered through the Shiva Sai Temple and trust in Penukonda, India.