Co-Founder of SAI


Swathimaa was born in Berlin and grew up as a child in the Middle East and Germany. Since an early age, she had spontaneous spiritual experiences that ignited her yearning to know God and her own spiritual abilities.

Her life took a significant turn in 2003 when a fated encounter with a woman at an airport led her to a book by Sri Kaleshwar. Deeply intrigued  by the profound wisdom in the pages, Swathimaa felt called to meet Sri Kaleshwar in person. She soon found herself flying to Southern India to visit his Penukonda ashram.  As she stood at the foot of the Penukonda mountain, she felt an overwhelming sense of home and connection to this ancient power spot. Under Sri Kaleshwar's tutelage, Swathimaa’s “real life” began as she wholeheartedly devoted over a decade at the ashram to her spiritual advancement. This transformative period allowed her to fully embody her purpose and awaken her divine channels. She traveled regularly, offering retreats, workshops and healings worldwide.

In 2007, Sri Kaleshwar directed her to establish a meditation and healing center in Hong Kong, which quickly thrived under her stewardship.

In 2009, she co-founded SHIVALOKA with Raymond Prohs, which rapidly gained international recognition as a spiritual brand embraced by yogis, spiritual masters, and celebrities alike. Two years later, she moved to Bali and opened the first SHIVALOKA store in Ubud.

The year 2016 brought another blessing into Swathimaa's life - the birth of her son, Sai. She was one of only a few students who successfully conceived a divine child using the spiritual channels taught by her master. At 5 years old, he began relating stories of his experiences while in the womb and during his birth. She continues to work with Sai on a soul level, aiding his spiritual integration into this world.

She began constructing Baba’s Sacred Bali Dhuni Temple in 2019, which saw its inaugural fire ceremony in 2021. The sacred fire has been burning continuously ever since.

In 2023, she expanded Shivaloka with the launch of SAI academy with the aim to share divine knowledge and train students aspiring to become divine healers and masters.

Today, Swathimaa lives with her son Sai in London, continuing her mission to guide others on their spiritual journeys.
"Swathimaa is one of my diamonds.
She's a beautiful soul, a good healer.
If you want to learn my teachings, any healing techniques, the knowledge, I recommend one of my best students, Swathimaa."

~ Sri Kaleshwar

Stay close to me
& you'll fall into God.

Thank you!