The Five Elements Meditation & Healing System

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Recorded on 3,000 years old palm leaf manuscripts, the Five Elements meditation & healing system is a deep process of soul purification, enabling any person to heal and realize their true divine nature. It is the door to enlightenment and the awakening of healing and miracle abilities. These ancient sacred formulas create the spiritual channels within you that connect and align your soul with the Five Elements. They are the spiritual foundation to becoming a powerful meditator and supernatural healer and the system on which all other spiritual practices in this divine tradition are built upon. 

What are the
Five Elements 

Everything in Creation is made of the Five Elements:
Earth, Fire, Sky (Space/Akasha), Water and Air.
God’s energy means the Five Elements are present.
They are the building blocks of Nature flowing throughout the universe, the cosmic elements that connect everything and everyone.

Our Body & Soul are made of the Five Elements

Our entire mind-body constitution, including our bones, blood, respiratory and digestive systems, our mental faculties and consciousness, is composed of the Five Elements. These elements are crucial not only for our physical existence but also for our cosmic connections.

Even divine souls, like, Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus, and Buddha had to cultivate a spiritual relationship with the Five Elements to ascend to their high divine status. The journey to enlightenment begins with a connection to the Five Elements. To profoundly transform your life, you need to establish a deep bond with these Elements. 

"Choosing to practice powerful vibrations mantras I am giving is a purification process for your soul. Purifying your soul through these mantras gives the very highest peace and connects you with the cosmic energy. Cosmic energy means connecting to God. When you purify through the elements, your aim becomes aligned with the Elements. Suppose you choose earth mantra, the perfect vibrations mantra. You keep on chanting and chanting and chanting. A certain period later, your soul automatically sits right; it is aligned with the earth energy. You have a huge capacity in your soul. You have very strong positive energy to not receive any negative energy."  ~ Sri Kaleshwar 

Awakening Your
Spiritual Channels 

“Without the Five Elements, there is no chance to awaken the channels. The Five Elements are a must. So you have to remember the elements’ mantras exactly. It’s very important. Wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, the Five Elements prayers have to be flowing, making your soul to remember, remember, and remember. At a certain stage, it automatically hooks the energy. So through your eyes, if you want to heal somebody, you can send unbelievable energy. You can send tons of love. To anybody in the universe, even any master, if he’s giving the Shaktipat, it means he’s waking up your energy. It means he has to use the Five Elements’ energy.”
- Sri Kaleshwar 

Without connecting and purifying your soul with the Five Elements, it’s not possible to awaken your spiritual channels and supernatural healing abilities.
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“You are completely purified when you go through the process of becoming one with the Elements. For many, many hundreds of lifetimes, until you reach God, there is no chance that negative forces can come and touch you.”

~ Sri Kaleshwar 

Divine Miracles

Miracle energy manifests and flows only through the power of the Five Elements’ energy. Step by step, as you 'charge' each Element mantra, you ‘hook’ the high vibration of each Element to your soul. In this way, you gain the capacity to channel and direct the divine power of the Elements. Your soul energy becomes like a divine magnet, very strong and powerful. The strength of your willpower increases. Miracles manifest simply by releasing your intention into Nature.


Benefits of the
Five Elements System

Soul Power

Cultivates a strong will, helps overcome life's challenges, provides an intense spiritual experience that deepens your connection with Nature. Accelerates your spiritual journey, leading you towards enlightenment at a rapid pace, amplifying your soul power to the extent that you can become a supernatural healer.

Purification & Protection

Establishes powerful protection circles that shield you from negativity. Helps you 'decharge' (release) any negative energy you might take on when connecting with others, especially for those who work to help and heal others. Purifies your soul from negative karmas, personal suffering and painful memories. 


Helps address and heal your 'blocks' from the deepest levels. Opens and heals your heart. Holistically balances your mind-body energy and greatly enhances your capacity to heal others. Creates lasting positive change in yourself and those around you. Helps positively transform your personal relationships, especially your most intimate ones.

Growth & Success

Achieve a peaceful mind, significant relief from negative thoughts and emotions, paving the way for clarity and the formulation of brilliant ideas. Fosters personal success, provides invaluable support in your daily life and business endeavors, propels you towards a balanced, prosperous & accomplished life.

Divine Connection

Builds a fundamental connection to the Divine. Manifests supernatural, miracle energy. Sparks transformative changes in one's life. Develops a conscious and intimate relationship with the Divine by tapping into an inexhaustible source of inspiration, wisdom and spiritual growth, which inherently resides at the heart of the Cosmos.

Spiritual Transformation

Deepens your meditation practice most profoundly, opening the spiritual channels to the divine power in Nature and opens your third eye energy. Accelerates your spiritual journey on a fast track, thereby opening door to enlightenment and divine transformation.

What students say

"What a blessing it has been this journey, and it just got started....Thank you a million billion times for everything you do, for bringing love and light to this world. Your luminous presence, wisdom, humility, loving care is inspiring and uplifting. "

Michail St, Greece

"Thank you so much again for your teachings, for the time you have spent to explain everything so thoroughly and patiently, and for this invitation into a new dimension that this course truly was. Funnily enough, I initially came to your website searching for a mala, but stayed for knowledge. :) Now, I cannot imagine my meditation without my Shivaloka mala and I cannot imagine my meditation without mantras."

Viktoriia A., Germany

Follow the Path of the Masters

Since millenia, these sacred practices have been kept private within the community of saints in India. In 1997, through the grace and blessings of the Divine Lineage, Sri Kaleshwar released this advanced meditation system for the very first time to the world, before a small group of dedicated spiritual seekers in Ojai, California. Since then, thousands have gone through this initiation and experienced powerful healings and transformation in their daily lives, clearly deepening their spiritual practice and relationship with the Divine.

The 3 Stages of the Five Elements System

The Five Elements Meditation & Healing System provides numerous remarkable benefits and practical uses you can incorporate into your everyday routine. By establishing a deep, conscious connection with the Five Elements, you'll experience an accelerated progression towards wholeness on your spiritual journey, a path that leads organically to soul transformation and profound wisdom.

Stage 1
Charging the Five Elements
to your Soul

Following specific guidelines, you meditate with specific mantras, 'charging' each Element to your soul, one at a time. By empowering and purifying your soul with the help of these sacred formulas, you align your soul with the high vibrations of Nature's cosmic forces.

Stage 2
Healing yourself & De-charging
Negative Energy

Start to use the energy to increase its power and flow. Once you've completed the process of charging an Element, you may start using the shakti (divine power) channels connected to that Element to release any negativity within you. In this way, you learn to quickly and easily manage your energy.

Stage 3
Healing Others

After completing the process of charging all Five Elements to your soul, you can now use many of the channels to heal others. As much as possible, use the energy to increase its power and flow. This is the first step in becoming a powerful healer, the first step towards real spiritual mastery, the first step towards living a powerful and enlightened life

How it works

This course is structured to ensure your complete success. From start to finish, we provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the Five Elements and guide you step-by-step through the charging of each Element before progressing to the next. Each Element takes 41 days to complete.  In addition to the online course lessons and materials,  and to offer you the greatest support and ease, we offer two live classes every month to help you progress at your own pace.

  • 2 monthly Live Classes
  • community of like-minded souls
  • Q&A support
  • 1-one-1 coaching option available
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from this course? 

Everyone. Every soul can benefit from charging the Five Elements. This spiritual process puts you in a profound state of harmony with Nature, which also manifests profound support of Nature in your life. And, the benefits are cumulative. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Spirituality or have been consciously on the path for years. This process is fundamental to the growth of Human Consciousness.

Can my spouse/friend/child join me when I enroll?

Each course participant is required to have their own account on SAI academy, therefore each participant needs to sign up individually. 

You can physically do the process with family and friends, yes, though it’s not recommended for children under 14 years of age. 

When it comes to this question, there are other guidelines and effects to consider as well. One is called “dakshina”. Dakshina means ‘something of value sincerely offered in exchange’. Through the exchange, the participant can open this channel to receive its full benefits. For this divine, life-changing process, we’ve set the dakshina per participant (see course fee).

The fee is the energetic exchange required for each person to participate in this course, it is not a group rate; at its heart, this spiritual process is intimate and unique to each individual soul that participates, even if you’re meditating in the same room together or under the same stars. 

How long does it take to completely charge all the elements?

The prescribed length of time to charge each individual Element is 41 consecutive days, with an additional 3 days at the very end (after you’ve charged the 5th Element). 

Is this course designed primarily for healers?

This advanced spiritual process is about raising your consciousness and increasing your soul capacity so that you can channel divine power through you and into your life. It means anyone who completes this process, no matter her or his chosen profession, can become a powerful healer. Every family, for ex, can and should have a member (or multiple members) who can heal.

Meet Your Spiritual Teachers

Raymond Prohs

Marketing Instructor

Renowned for his profound wisdom and generous attention, Raymond has spent 45 years as a meditation teacher and is a healer and teacher in the divine lineage, while also co-founding Sai Academy and SHIVALOKA, making him a sought-after figure in the spiritual community.
Read his bio here.


Marketing Instructor

With the true heart of a mother, Swathimaa devotes herself to guiding her students towards success and has been a teacher and healer of Sri Kaleshwar's teachings for two decades, in addition to co-founding Shivaloka and SAI Academy.
Read her bio here.

Five Elements Healer Certification 

  • Healers Wanted!

    After completion of the Five Elements course, for those students who are inspired to offer spiritual healing to others using the Five Elements healing techniques, in their healing practice, we offer a professional certification process. Graduates will receive a printed certificate and shall be listed as healers through SAI Academy.
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“If you follow this process, without your even noticing it, your soul will receive many benefits – the peace and the divine love energy from the Cosmic. These benefits are received only by those who have complete faith and a strong, devotional heart, those who have their heart open to God. It only works for them. A person who has no faith in God will be wasting their time, even if they do the mantras. There is no need for them to do the mantras. Faith is God, God is faith.“

~ Sri Kaleshwar